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Nox vs Bluestacks – Which is a better Emulator for PC or Mac?

Are you a gamer who wants to play games on a larger screen? then we help you to choose  between Nox vs Bluestacks.  Emulators help you easily play games on your Mac or PC without hassles. But you must be wondering which one will be the best for you. Nox vs Bluestacks have their features and functions. Therefore, you must be stuck on which one to choose. Don’t worry; we will clear all your doubts and help you develop the solution in this blog. Keep on reading to learn more!

What is an Android emulator?

You can use your Windows or Mac computer to run Android applications for free with emulators. Your system will impact how responsive and simple the mobile Apps on the emulator are to use.

An Android emulator is often a software that may be used or run on a PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to access software, applications, and programs only created and available for Android devices. Software that copies the behavior of another computer system is known as an emulator.

Why use an Android emulator?

An Android emulator links an Android operating system and a device running any other OS. Setting up an Android emulator creates a virtual machine on your computer or device. On a computer with Windows, MacOS, or Linux as its operating system, you may run the Android emulator and all of the apps created only for Android smartphones.

An Android emulator is an application that can run Android apps and games and apps from other operating systems. An Android emulator, for instance, can be used to play PUBG mobile on your laptop. They are readily available, simple to use, and installed on other devices.

Now that we have returned to the main topic, we must discuss which Android emulator, Bluestacks vs Nox Player, is better. Let’s get started by comparing the two Android emulators in-depth.

What’s Bluestacks?

BlueStacks, like any other emulator, turns your computer screen into a window that replicates an Android device. Although it doesn’t quite look like an Android device, its screen is close enough that any beginner shouldn’t have trouble using it.

Downloading, setting up, and using BlueStacks are all free of cost. Although BlueStacks can run nearly any Android app (97% of those in the Google Play Store are compatible with it), its biggest user base is made up of Android users interested in playing mobile games on their PCs.

BlueStacks has raised the bar for Android gaming on PC over the past few years. There are a ton of features in the package that you’ll love. Moreover, we must note that BlueStacks is only for Android gaming.

What’s Nox?

Nox Player was mainly created for Windows; hence it was created separately for Mac users. The Nox has a rooted version of Android pre-installed, which is one of its most impressive features. As a result, you get a player that has been fully unlocked with complete access to the Android.

Playing Android or iOS games on Windows or Mac computers is simple and free with the Nox App Player desktop or laptop application. You can play video games and use apps designed for smartphones on your PC thanks to software that imitates the operating system of mobile phones.

Although Nox Player arrived a little late, it quickly rose to the top of the crowd. If you’d like to play games of the best quality on an excellent Android phone, you can rely on this Android emulator. In other words, this flexible Android emulator better balances the performance and features aimed toward gaming. It has good number of nox alternatives with same features

Nox vs Bluestacks – Comparison

User Interface

BlueStacks vs Nox Player’s user interface designs are both simple to use, but they have some clear differences.

For instance, BlueStacks’ UI has been fully built for gameplay. You can immediately start using the BlueStacks emulator to enjoy your Android games. The drawback of this case is that you have less control over the fake Android cell phone. And this can be a problem if you want to start using or testing an Android app.

However, Nox Player offers an improved selection of controls you can use when using an app or engaging in an Android game. The panel next to the created Android device screen is where you may access the controls. For some of you, this might be the deciding factor. However, none of these emulation apps needs any technical skills.


BlueStacks vs Nox  provide some top gaming experiences for Android on PC.

You may use better frame rates and other benefits even when playing graphically demanding games like Call of Duty Mobile. If your gaming setup can handle much power, use the High FPS setting with BlueStacks. To improve the game’s overall pace and adaptability, Nox Player uses some optimization ways.

But there are some differences when it comes to them. First and foremost, older and less powerful computer setups need to support BlueStacks better. Nox Player, however, is a better option in comparison to this use.

Even if your computer is old, you won’t have any issues running Nox Player. It does the speed optimization in reverse better.

 Bluestacks vs Nox – Features

Both Android emulator apps are in close competition in this market.

BlueStacks have embraced the ‘features’ game to the point that many exist. For example, the MOBA and Shooting modes are designed for particular game genres, whereas its high FPS option helps ensure the best performance. On the other side, there are some great features like eco mode, real-time translation, and multi-sync. You can use any one or several of these features based on the games you’re playing. As you can see, most of these functions are restricted to gaming.

Although Nox Player doesn’t make a big deal of its features, the most important ones are clear from a quick look. For example, you could grow close to PC gaming controls with smart keyboard controlling options. Similarly, you can run many versions of the same game simultaneously with the Multi-Instance features. A macro recorder is another feature you get, and it can be useful while using some difficult Android apps or games.

Nox vs Bluestacks – Safety and Privacy

In terms of safety, a VirusTotal scan of the Bluestacks program revealed it to be completely safe. You must add your Google Account to use the app to access the Play Store and other Google Services like on an Android phone. The app collects your data and other information, but it makes it clear that it won’t sell or share it with anyone else. But to offer you targeted ads, advertisers need information about your geolocation and usage.

Recently, Nox Player made headlines after a hacking gang broke into BigNox’s server design and installed malware. The app was also found to contain trojan malware by VirusTotal. Although the application is generally secure, using the emulator only with a spare Google account is best.


Being one of the more evenly matched emulators with the ideal balance of processing, visuals, and power makes it the best Android emulator for PC. Since Bluestacks is an emulator with good alternatives and capable of running high-resolution games, using apps or playing games on it will run smoothly. The software features an in-depth keymapping and control system, and the brand-new game controls panel allows you to handle key controls.

It’s best if your computer has strong specs and can handle graphics well. However, the Bluestacks Emulator is the best and most reliable Android Client to use with Windows and Mac to play Android apps and games.

Nox can manage high FPS games without causing any lag. Nox Player will be the best choice for running Android applications and games on Windows or Mac if you get used to the controls, even though it might take some time.

If the graphics are better than the standards set by your PC, you can adjust the controls and level of quality in the settings.

The Bottom Line

Both emulators are excellent in their ways. Which of them best suits your needs and helps you is totally up to you. Nox Player is the way to go if you’ve never used an Android emulator before or are new to using one. If you’ve used Android emulators before and are searching for faster performance, you should try Bluestacks.

And BlueStacks is the best option for you if you want to play Android games on your PC or Mac with the most effective performance. Nox Player is a good option if you’re ready to give up a few features in exchange for a virtual Android device that makes it easier to use apps and play games.

After reading the whole blog, you are familiar with all the features and how both emulators work, allowing you to pick the best between Bluestacks vs nox.


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