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How to Download and Use Bluestacks Tweaker 3.12- Latest

Bluestacks Tweaker/ BS Tweaker: Bluestacks is emerging as a top-level android emulator for windows PC. It has been significant in providing regular updates to the user. Bluestacks supports almost of the Android apps which are on the play store which has made Android users stick Bluestacks over the years. High-end mobile games like MC5, real racing 3, etc. are running flawlessly in blue stacks has attracted the Android gamers. Most of the Rooted Android users know how to make most of the Android device by rooting it. Just like Android, Bluestacks also allows you to root Bluestacks and tweak according to your Usage. Bluestacks also enables you to root manually, or you can download pre-rooted Bluestacks. For tweaking Bluestacks, you need a tool called BS Tweaker.

Download Bluestacks Tweaker

What is Bluestacks Tweaker?

Bluestacks Tweaker is complete automation tool for Bluestacks to change the values of GUID, Android Id, Google advertisement Id, etc. without installing any third party Apps on Bluestacks. It also allows to start and stop Bluestacks from the tweaker itself and also to change phone model in Bluestacks App player. Bluestacks also allows you to tweak the performance of Bluestacks according to your requirement.

How to Use Bluestacks Tweaker with Bluestacks App player

Step 1. Download Bluesacks App Player and Install it.

Step 2. Now Download Bluestacks Tweaker/Bs Tweaker from here and Extract it onto your PC or Laptop.

Step 3. Run Both Bluestacks and BS tweaker. If you are Installing Bluestacks for the first time, then it will take the time to install completely.

Step 4. Now you can see a bunch of option in BS tweaker window like Start and Stop Bluestacks, change GUID, Android Id, Advertising Id, etc. Options like Start, Stop and will help you to start, stop and restart Bluestacks from the BS Tweaker itself.

Step 5. Change the Values which you want to change like Android Id, GUID by clicking on Change option and Click Restart Bluestacks.

Step 6. Now you have successfully changed the Android values of Bluestacks. You can also tweak the performance of Bluestacks by allocating more memory to Bluestacks.


That’s it for this tutorial How to Download and Use Bluestacks tweaker in your Windows PC. Hope you liked this tutorial. If you have any Questions or doubts to ask, please leave a comment below.




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